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Carillon and Organ Lunchtime Concert and Tower Tour

George Leggiero, carillon
Jonathan Moyer, organ  Music of Dieterich Buxtehude

Bring a lunch and listen to the carillon from your car, the church lawn or the Case Western Reserve campus along Bellflower Road at noon. An organ recital follows inside the church. Free parking in the church lot.

A Tour of the McGaffin Tower and Carillon by George Leggiero will be available following this concert.

Carillon Program

Music from the carillon notebook of Johannes de Gruytters, Antwerp c1740

Preludium quinti toni

Dieudonné Raick (1703-1764)

Menuet I and II
Willem de Fesch (1687-1761)

The carillon notebook of Johannes de Gruytters is one of the most complete examples of music that was played on the carillon in the middle of the eighteenth century. Though most of the 188 pieces are anonymous dances and arias, there are a number of transcriptions of music by some important musicians of the day and show what influences were at work in the Antwerp musical style at the time. Dieudonne Raick became a choirboy at the Antwerp cathedral in 1717 eventually became organist. He was ordained a priest in 1726. After quarrels with the new choirmaster, Willem de Fesch he left Antwerp. In 1757 he returned to the Antwerp Cathedral and remained there for the rest of his life.  Willem de Fesch, organist and violinist, was appointed choirmaster at the Antwerp Cathedral in 1725 and held the position until 1731 after more quarrelling with the chapter and chapel. He moved to London where he spent the rest of his life. In 1746 he was first violin in Handel’s orchestra.