The Friends of the McGaffin Carillon
in University Circle is Organized to:

  • Preserve and Revitalize the Only Cast-Bell Carillon within the City of Cleveland

  • Enrich Quality of Life in the University Circle Community by Transforming the Soundscape with Music and Providing Free Concert Events

  • Advance Education and Collaboration through the Creation of Student Carillon Guilds

  • Light a Torch of Creativity by Commissioning New Music and Community Events

The Friends of the McGaffin Carillon in University Circle is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Our Partners

The Friends of the McGaffin Carillon in University Circle is a member of The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America.


Our Board of Directors

 Denise Horstman, President
George Leggiero, Covenant & University Circle Carillonneur (ex officio)
Keith Kallay, Treasurer
W. R. Anderson, Secretary
Charles Huling
Karen M. Knowlton
Catherine C. Miller
Sheryl Modlin
David H. Osburn

    Donors and friends of
the McGaffin Carillon in University Circle
Cumulative Giving

as of 10 December 2018

Platinum, $50,000 and above
Denise Horstman*

Gold, $10,000 to $49,000
Emily T. Blake*
Estate of Francis J. Svoboda†*
Leonard Krieger Fund of the Cleveland Foundation
Rod Keen*
Paul Williams

Silver, $5,000 to $9,999
Marilyn Demeter*

Bronze, $1,000 to $4,999
W. R. Anderson*
Tracy Blake*
Heidi Braun
Helen Burdg†
Ohio Arts Council
Betty Dowd
Elizabeth Ferries and Peter Clavele
Daniel Garland
Martha Goble
Bruce & Judith Hackett
Phyllis Hackett*
Charles Huling*
Rolf N Krotseng*
Al & Cyndi Kuntz
George Leggiero*
Susan Moore
Mildred B. Russin*
Judith Smith
Cynthia Szafraniec*
James W. G. Watson and Jane W. Watson

Copper, $500 to $999
Nancy Acree*
Chester F. & Patricia R. Crone*
Keith A. & Virginia S. Kallay
Dr. Clifford D. Shields*
James Smekal*
John Stites

Tin $100 to $499
University Circle, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Archibald
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Arnold
John & Judy Bourne*
Maureen Brennan
John & Gale Bromelmeier*
Mary Anne Bromelmeier & Fritz Haiss*
Raymond† & Zoe Ann Brown*
Hugh Burtner*
William Busta & Joan Tomkins*
The Rev. Dr. Robert J. Campbell*
Chet Crone*
Anne Wombwell de Coningh
Greta DeMeyer
Discover My Cleveland
Hans A. Drescher
David Gaj*
Sharon Goodwin
James A. Greene*
Ann Harlan & Ron Neil*
Julia Hatfield*
Karen Holtkamp*
Catherine Jarjisian*
Bob Jefferis
David L. Keltner & Patricia Owen-Keltner*
Cheri Keys*
Les† & Karen Knowlton*
J. Christian & Marilyn Langmack
Jane Leggiero*
Emma Leggiero*
Frederick & Julie Mailey*
Judith McMillan
Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Miller*
Lee Miller
Sheryl Modlin*
Perry Nye
Laura Palcisko
Eugene Papp
James & Susan Prince*
Lynn Quintrell
Derrick & Amy Starr Redwine*
Richard & Patricia Robertson
M & Mrs. Mark Rorick
Elizabeth Shriver*
Norma Shuskey*
James Smekal
Shirley A. Thompson*
Harriet C. Wadsworth & John Orlock*

Friends, to $99
Grete Anderson
Mary Boudreau
Jenny Conner*
Barbara Davidson*
Marlene Dirksen
Jack DeVrieze
Milton Ganger
Adam Gerber
Robert Hartford
Kristi Henzel
Harry Kerkheide
Eefje Kolkman
Helen Kunsman
Marius Laniauskas
Frederick Lautzenheiser
Erin Linehan
John Marsh*
Marth S. & Patrick A. McGraw*
Jan Milic
Sandy Miller
Netherlands-American Society
Joanne Nye
Rebecca Pettygrove
Carol Roe*
Robert Ross
Ann Russell
Mary E. Thomas*
Lyn Cooper Tomaszewski*
Kathy Tritton
Elaine Turley
Frits Van Der Kuyp
John Wagner
Ann Williams*
Martha Woodmanse

*Founding Friend

        Bee Carpenter Fund Donors

       as of 1 June 2016

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Archibald
Emily T. Blake
Val & Mary Boudreau
Anne Wombwell deConingh
Sharon & Jerry Goodwin
Phyllis B. Hackett
Robert & Suzanne Hartford
Denise Horstman & Paul R. Keen
Dr. Marius M. & Egle Laniauskas
George Leggiero
Erin Linehan
Lee and Linda Miller
Sandy & Bonnie Miller
Joanne Nye
Perry Nye
Rebecca W. Pettygrove
Lynn & Lute Quintrell
Robert & Gloria Ross
Ann Russell
Elizabeth Shriver
Norma Shuskey
Roland & Cynthia Szafraniec
Ann & Doug Taylor

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list.
Please contact us with any errors or omissions.