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Sunday Morning Concert and Open Tower

Listen to the carillon from your car, the church lawn or the Case Western Reserve campus along Bellflower Road. Free parking in the Euclid Avenue lot in front of the tower.

David Osburn, Guest Carillonneur

"Ring forth, ye bells, With clarion sound"

The Music of Gilbert & Sullivan


Ring Forth Ye Bells With Clarion Sound (Sorcerer)
I'm Called Little Buttercup (H.M.S. Pinafore)
The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring (Mikado)
 He Loves (Iolanthe)
A Magnet Hung in a Hardware Shop (Patience)
Tit Willow (Mikado)
Never Mind the Why and Wherefore (Pinafore)
Poor Wandering One (Pirates of Penzance)
 The Sun Whose Rays (Mikado)
We Sail The Ocean Blue (Pinafore)
A Wandering Minstrel I (Mikado)
We're Called Gondolieri (The Gondoliers)

The tower is open to visitors during this program.
Enter the tower through the Euclid Avenue Entrance