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Lunchtime Carillon Concert and Tower Tour

A Free Lunchtime Carillon Concert. Free Parking

George Leggiero, University Circle Carillonneur and Guests


Matthias van den Gheyn (1721-1785)
Preludio No. 5

Ronald Barnes (1936-1991)

Sarabande for Carillon
Roy Hamlin Johnson (1929- )
Slow Dance for Carillon

Gary White (1937- )

Three Pieces for Carillon
Reflections, Vigil, Etude

Clocks and Music Boxes

G. F. Handel-Air for a musical Clock
F. J. Haydn-Andante for a musical Clock
Samuel Maykapar – The Music Box

P.S. Rung-Keller (1879-1966)

Theme with Variations

A tower tour follows the Friday program. Meet at the Euclid Avenue tower entrance.

Check back for program, usually posted by the Wednesday before the concert.
During July and August the Friday program will be repeated on Sunday morning at 11.

The carillon can be heard from the grounds around the church including the Case Western Reserve Campus behind the church away from the Euclid Avenue traffic noise. The church library is also good indoor place to hear the bells during cold or inclement weather.

Today we welcome residents of Judson Manor who are visiting the McGaffin Carillon. George Leggiero, University Circle Carillonneur, visited Judson Manor last week and gave an illustrated talk about the history of bells and the McGaffin Carillon.

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