When the bells toll: McGaffin Carillon rings over University Circle

Article by Aquene Kimmel in the Observer, the student newspaper of Case Western Reserve University.   9 October 2015


                Aquene Kimmel - Observer

                Aquene Kimmel - Observer

Underneath 47 massive bells, weighing more than 15,000 pounds in total, George Leggiero is right at home.

Inside the Church of the Covenant, Leggiero began the trek up a tightly wound spiral staircase, the same trek he has been making for the past 42 years since he was a student at Case Western Reserve University.

Atop the stairs, about 80 feet above the bustling Euclid Avenue, an instrument sits on a raised platform. It looks something like a hollow piano with two rows of wooden handles instead of white and black keys. Two rows of foot pedals protrude from its base. Wires stretch up from the back of the instrument and disappear, through the ceiling, to the bells above......read more